Thursday, 26 August 2010


1st draft of a piece that came to me this morning, following a TV programme last night on chidren from Haiti (many with parents) being adopted by French people


Let me deny your parents
The resources to care for you,
Even though I could support them
If I really wanted too.

Let me imagine your voodoo evil
Was not your West African heritage,
And baptise you into the religion that
Enslaved your people.

Let me change your name
And indoctrinate your young mind
That white is the colour of your saving grace,
Yet your ancestors had to fight us in the first place.

Let me talk to your mother
To understand your loves and wants,
And watch her cry as I prise you
From her loving hugs.

Let me justify my need for offspring
Of a fashionable colour.
I’ll look so good in my community
As other white people stop to talk to me.

Let me touch your beautiful hair that I’m seeing.
We’ll laugh together as I try to pass
An afro comb through mine that’s fair,
Or maybe I’ll just make yours resemble European.

I can teach you of your culture,
While you live in mine.
I’ll teach you to treat all as equal
But you’ll be special, not like other black people.

Let me be that band aid for your happiness
And let wounds fester
As I put my needs first
And ignore solutions that could be better.

Come here my child.
Dry your tears and be loved.
Welcome to your new western nation.
Let’s pretend you’re not black and Haitian.

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