Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Funding cuts but whose excesses?
I still see a nation that oppresses.
Before government dictates a cure
I’d like to know for sure
Who took the credit?
Did the poor debit
The rich?
Did we wish
For bankers, war mongers and politicians
To steal futures from children?
So many questions unanswerable,
So many with power unaccountable.
A war that can’t be justified,
Civilians die, I’m mystified
That we can’t see ourselves as a foreign invader.
The cross of St George: from Crusaders
To football fans to zealous patriots,
But it’s the same flag that was waved a lot
In not forgotten Christian onslaughts
From times that school history taught
Richard the Lion heart’s hero tales,
(That’s the same education that paled
Slavery to insignificance).
And where is Jesus’ relevance
To fighting violently in His honour?
Would He have held sword or dagger,
Assault rifle or sat amongst sandbags
Behind a mighty machine gun?
(As seen by Prince Harry and David Beckham).
We make boys to men from PS3’s
To the same games with killing machinery.
This blood for oil reaches
Far. Ejaculating onto Louisiana’s beaches,
Polluting lives in West Africa,
Choking a planet we should nurture.
And still I wonder.
Who controls this agenda?

Thursday, 3 June 2010

She runs

She runs…
An escape to who she is.
A zone that gives
Her time to be
The beauty she is, set free.

Solitary in the moment,
Measured in miles and minutes spent,
Her pace is hers to set.
Stress she forgets.

A life spent selfless
Receives wealth blessed
In what others would perceive as pain.
For her, body and mind gains.

This freedom in her soul,
A catalyst so powerful
It pulled me like a magnet…
Before she ever laced up her Asics.


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