Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Elvis was a hero to most...

So when did it suddenly become okay again
For Europeans to imitate the voices of Africans?
We’re in a world where white liberals think racism is dead
Then sleep on privilege and rest their heads
Easy knowing they don’t see colour...
Even though they remember to call their black friends “brother”
And hit some handshake they had to practice in a mirror.
Songs some of them deliver
Breaking out in “Rastaman” mode and talking quick…
No thanks, I’ll listen to music that’s authentic.
Personally, I find this shit offensive,
Like comedians who give
Race jokes in the name of equality…
The camera flicks quick to the black guest to avoid controversy.
It’s just one big happy family,
Racism defined by white people happily
Using Caribbean and African actors in adverts
That pervert
The stereotypes to jovial images.
When did you last see such an advert that promoted serious
Portrayal, and not funny faces or mocking the Afro?
Just a sanitized version of the Black and White Minstrel Show.

Take it away Chuck D:
"Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant shit to me..."

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Mother's Earth

In the dead of night she births a son.
Prays he won’t do evil unto one.
The product of her body’s nurture,
Will his innocence go further
Than his juvenile days,
Or will he take his father’s ways?
Even when she was racked with violence
Her body betrayed her fight for sense.
From such an act of violation
Her womb converted to creation.
Gendered roles, for when men take,
A woman can still make.
If desecration is the prerogative of he.
Earth’s blessing is pure. It is she.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

For Whoever...Whenever

wow....just shocked myself looking at some of my old poetry.
All I can say is that since writing it, I have been truly blessed.

To the one.
Wherever you are now hun.
To my saving grace
To one who’ll look behind my gaze.

To the one.
Here’s to sun
Blazing down where we both had rain.
Love demolishing both our pain.

To the two.
You know that’s me and you.
Standing tall together
Strengths combined forever.

For the two.
Hold tight through
The down before the rise
Holding sanity in each others eyes.

For us both.
Past lessons causing growth.
Life before not regretted
But most certainly now much bettered.

For us both.
This time a certain oath.
Not born from youths naivety
Experienced hearts are speaking freely.

For two souls
Combined til old.
Never judging.
Forever loving.

For two souls
Fully whole.
No matter what strife is waiting
Locked together no hardship we’re taking.

So how will I know when I meet
The one who’s gonna make me complete?
Is it someone I already know
That out of friendship things will grow?
Or someone round the corner waiting
That I can only dream of dating?

I’m cool just knowing for the first time in my life I’m worthy.
If she plays ball, I’ll wear her jersey.
If she writes poetry
I’ll know her next line before she.
If she sings to me
My mind will hear every harmony.
An entrepreneur
I’m gonna love her.
On the dole
I’ll make her whole.
A single mother
I’ll be a father.

Yeah….there’s things to do before I reach you
But know my heart can’t wait to greet you.
Been pained too long to deny I meet you
Responsibilities in my life to introduce to you.

So be cool with things in my welcome pack,
A few things from years living on my back.
But know when you accept all and everything about me.
My love, trust and faith in you will surround you completely.

My personality is what you see.
My emancipated soul runs free,
You see it in my poetry,
A man who learned to love he.

From no stronger position can I offer you
Love in its most complete form….true.