Saturday, 25 September 2010

Body Beautiful

The camera never lies?
But who and how you take
Predetermines results,
And photoshop fakes.

Like freedom... It’s said
You get answers in a free society
But the control comes from
The questions you’re fed.

I’m told that beauty’s norm
Is blonde and blue eyed
Sized 8 and no muscle.
The “gorgeous” weakened form.

Females encouraged to be the fairer sex,
Frail enough not to resist
And be down trodden
From anything males suggest.

Paleness so revered yet salons
And beach leaches
Risk skin disease
Just to get a tan on.

For those who's skin goes
Red from suns rays,
A darkening cream perhaps...
You know, when you’ve been Tango’d.

Please excuse my disquiet,
But there’s nothing
Appealing in a no body
Coming from a yoyo diet.

The female schism...
Is thin and fat debates
Get the attention,
What of health and athleticism?

Venus and Serena...
Europeans love to mock
Their form as manlike,
But it’s a no brainer.

Healthy norms
Ridiculed by those
Who can’t look in mirrors
To face their own form.

Feared empowerment.
Let strength be a facet
Of femininity,
Not the butt of comedians.

Female suppression
As God’s words are manifested
By men
And female circumcision.

Too many rapes unchecked,
From bars and clubs
To Congolese villages
That the UN uninspect.

Where “No” in multi-languages
Is the most understood
Yet least heard word,
As men force fuck anguish.

There’s no escape.
And still society
Beautifies stick women
Who can’t fight off rape.

And me a man.
I’ll not define
What is the beauty
Of woman.

But I’ll fight
Those that debeautify
Her true essence
To diminish her might.

European children nullify the form,
Yet they forget
It was from an African womb
That they and humanity were born.