Friday, 29 April 2011

A Poem, A Prayer

Dear Lord
As I seek to grow in your Love & Faith,
And find spirituality and goodness in the world around me.
Let me learn from the humble, the meek and the peacemakers.
Let me learn of your greatness in however you are,
Male or Female, in your Godly form
Or Nature’s spirits
Of ancestors or Mother Earth.
Let me question those who would bring me man’s truth
And not Your own.
Let my ears be closed to those whose church spread the globe
Because they had invented sail and musket.
Or branded darker skin on Caribbean plantations,
Carving up the continent which birthed humanity.
Let me beware of those who fought wars in your name,
And represent you through uniforms in church
That honour parade grounds and institutionalised pain,
Yet they teach me your Son was of absolute peace.
Let me learn of churches and faiths closer to you
Whose meaning has been trodden by centuries of oppression
And devalued to labels of evil by those who do not now dwell in heaven.
Teach me of churches carved in rock in East Africa,
Of indigenous spirituality stripped from my own people
That still blesses those who have been divided and ruled
But whose Faith is maintained.
For whatever form is your Great Mystery,
Let me learn to live my life by your Divine teachings,
And not by those who would describe your Son
As the same colour as my light self.
I seek your Truth, your Wisdom, your Guidance,
From You and your Disciples
Wherever they should be found.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fear Not

Fear defies the laws of physics.
Its perpetual energy
Starts at the most gentle of nudges,
Becoming a raging torrent
That sweeps the owner
Into an abyss of fragility.
A brain wired to always
Think the worst scenario
Entertains this downward spiral
Into dysfunction.

Let our minds switch.
Let lonely thoughts
Ramble to possibility and hope
With faster rhythms than negativity.
May peace finds its way to the hardest heart,
And positivity bless as the truth.
Let the mind be the cure,
And not the disease.
One drop of rain does not imply a storm.
It is simply water, the life giver.