Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Roots Manouver

Roots Manouver

Is it morris dancing
Or kids prancing
To heavy metal, banging heads?
Is it skinheads
Or bowing to the Queen?
The Union Jack that once dominated the world scene.
Singing Rule Brittania at the Proms,
And no one thinking its wrong.
Love of a pre-war "white" England.
Ruling with pain but claiming it as Jerusalem.
Stiff upper lip and stifling all emotions.
Transporting Africans across the Atlantic ocean.
Forcing guilt on the defeated, for the victor the spoils.
Ruling in God's name, justifying slaves' toil.
Muttering under breath at the sight of darker skin.
Saying one thing. Thinking another within.
Writing history books for the self-righteous.
Murdering those whose truth is contagious.
Justifying a system of wealth,
Its ok, cos poverty happens to someone else.
Thinking superiority over all other people,
At the same time claiming that everyone is equal.
Seeing suffering as something Africans are used to,
Only when it's British deaths is the pain perceived as true.
Black deaths in detention.
And no one giving it a mention.
And people ask me why...
How easy is it for me to defy
My ancestral line,
And stand for a revolution not seen as mine?
Read all the above again.
You want me to trust English white men?

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I wouldn't normally post my photography on my poetry blog, but I'm just so pleased with this latest set that....well it's all poetry to me, and the model is a world renowned poet!!