Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Haiti Remembered, a year on

God bless the people of Haiti. A year tomorrow since.

A year ago I lay alone.
On a Birmingham hotel bed.
I thought of the dead,
The dying
The living, the crying.
I won’t deny my eyes watered
For trapped sons and daughters.
The news channel delivered to me,
First reports of an earthquake in Haiti.

A country born from fight,
A flag made once ripped out the white
From the Tricolour.
No room for the defeated oppressor’s colour.
And yet a nation still miles from home.
Kings and Queens from ancestral homes.
The strength of people
Who had delivered themselves from evil.
A dagger through the imperial heart.
Even Napolean had been Blownapart. 
And don’t allow the French Connection
To let England hide it’s intended direction.
Abolition of the holocaust trade
Had economic reasons made
From Hispaniola’s wealthy curse.
Britain simply wanted to bankrupt the French purse.

But the war never really ended.
The West’s ego was still offended.
A worldwide conspiracy to make them pay,
Debt still owed from an enslaved day.
External influences, the european tool,
Always success through divide and rule.

Then nature raised it’s sword and slashed,
As if hurricanes hadn’t been enough.
My emotions raw at the news,
And yet my donations were abused,
Crates sat on runways,
No one digging dust from airways
Choked behind crushed doors.
Cardboard beds on hospital floors,
And the D.E.C.
Sucked D.I.C.

Today, foreign intervention,
Whatever the intention
Has sky high’d rent.
So even more are living in tents.
Aid workers there assisting,
Are causing eviction.
The media a year on in this nation…
I’m just seeing photographers on vacation.
Roll up for a tragedy pose
As life Flickr’s out with shots of toes
Curled from cholera’s grip.
How much more of this shit.
Does Haiti have to take?
The UN not protecting girls from rape.
Instead bringing in disease.
Is the cure only in keeping things clean?
I don’t know about you.
I was innoculated at school.

And still money sits and waits.
While someone earns interest from unopened crates.
Europeans rush to adopt kids like vultures
So keen to bring them up in alien cultures.
Fuck your wealth to import children.
Instead pay a family to construct a home, a building,
And stop taking from mothers whose womb has birthed
On a Caribbean island, their African earth.
I don’t doubt the resolve of this nation.
History hasn’t yet defeated a Haitian.
Let the mirror show where lies the sin.
Reflect what will be, and what has been.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Colour Barrier

Truth is I see colour.
It’s something I don’t want to see,
But until the scales of equality balance
I have to see difference.
You see, I see white everywhere.
In “multi-cultured” institutions
I see white at the helm.
Government, police and judiciary.
Media, finance and industry.
From capitalism to capital punishment,
And yes, in my mirror…
I see white.

In the language used,
I’ve had to undo years of being fed
That good comes in white packages,
Yet the Messiah Himself was not.
So let me say as a Christian,
Hallelujah, I see the dark and it is good.
Language warped, as my church has been,
To justify a Passage… not of scriptures,
But of the Middle of the Atlantic,
As African bones line the floor of an ocean,
That created a diaspora away from home,
As the church preached
White was right.

I untangle expressions like "black day"
Into a positive 24 hour period.
Frankly it’s white I see in evil power,
So I won’t indoctrinate my children
To form their mouths into first words
Of a treacherous euro babble.
The seeds of racism grow
In the unconscious mind.
So I will be awake to race,
Colour, creed and faith.
To ask me not to see colour
Ignores the legacy of my white face.