Thursday, 19 August 2010

Aid rage n' see (agency)

If music is the food of love
Then sing to my soul, the dove
Of peace is the only tune we need
To hear. But the world bleeds
Tears instead. Nations
Want donations
Yet they pay for nuclear weapons.
As Haiti waits to be wetted on
In the rainy season and God forbid
Tent cities are got rid
Of by hurricanes. Yes I still call
On every one and all
To give to families still suffering.
But this year has seen me questioning
How my money gets spent.
Is it lining pockets or making a dent
Where it’s most in need.
Parents plead
To help children survive
And we have to act, that can’t be denied.
One to one we’re the people on earth,
Politics and nations have no worth,
They’re just designed to destroy unity
Of our species. The difficulty
Is unravelling our differences. It’s a shame
We can’t seem to embrace each other as the same.
I’ve got to be honest when I saw aid still boxed
On a Port Au Prince runway, the Red made me Cross.
Sending money to the D.E.C.
Now makes me uneasy.
Our responsibility shouldn’t now stop at making that donation.
We have to hound the politicians and aid organisations
To prove accountability for what they’ve got.
We must ignite hope for those they forgot.
Light a fire under government inaction and fan it.
Fight for our one family, on this, our one planet.


  1. well written, well captured...i often wonder the same....

  2. Great piece, you pose many very important and valid questions.