Monday, 28 December 2015

KZ-(minus) N

Arrogance manifests in coffee shops,
Shop purchases not trusting
African mouthed information.
Empathy chip broken in brains
Refusing to believe poverty contained
Outside of electric fences and guard dogs.
Whatever deal was struck,
I am offended.

Yes I, am offended.
Every time I walk down a Durban street.
Every black South African poet I meet.
Every person I just want to chat and greet,
Will probably think
I’m just like you.

To the white South Africans
That I witnessed arrogant in coffee shops,
In retail stores
Behind fences
And defences,
A violator of African soil at worst,
At best
A guest
On it.
By your actions, I am defined.

Sometimes I just want to take the Natal
Out of KwaZulu,
Take the Rand
Out of what you do
Take the wealth
Out of your inheritance
Take the land
Out of your existence.

One thing I learned though.
My opinion means nothing
To those that matter.
My view of those that offend me
Becomes lost in white noise.
Humbled, I bow to this important lesson.
And wait for those who can,
To take the Natal and the Rand
From you.
I pray for justice.
I pray for peace.
Knowing without one,

There cannot be another.