Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Anonymous Artists

Artists harking on how the system is so wrong.
Blue eyes seeing with vision that’s so strong.
(Yes like mine, but this is the point,
I’m trying to view what should be right from an historical standpoint).

Yet the system you say is so corrupt,
Is what gives you props that’s hyped up.
It’s red lips spitting brown lipped words
And my white ears can’t stand how much it’s heard.

For all the love I see Europeans getting,
The same system is vetting
Success to talent in white packages.
The system treating “black arts” like it’s average.

Like me, you’re a product of European heritage,
And the first thing I suggest is to undo the ravages
Of time that still steals respect from where it’s due.
It’s your inheritance that’s supporting you.

I dedicate this to the artists I’ve seen,
From wordsmiths, beatboxers, singers & MC’s
Whose talent isn’t as respected, promoted and as seen,
As much as the copiers who are European.

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