Saturday, 30 May 2009

Poetry is Dead

The truth is, was it ever alive to me?
Does a love of words define poetry?
Whether academical
Performance vocal
Or in your face Slam. The total
To me it’s more than the sum of the parts.
Not just clever words you learned to impart.
I love what wordsmiths are saying
So long as the messages they’re laying
Are something that needs to be said.
If not, poetry is dead.
Teach me with your rhymes.
I don’t want to hear your humorous lines
Written from a position of privilege,
While others suffer through your ignorance.
For music I'll take empowerment from India.Arie
And hip hop like it was supposed to be.
My passion rides on it as a medium for wearing
Stories from those whose passion is sharing
Lessons in life that need to be heard.
A fight or demand in the power of word.
Spit false talk dressed up as a thriller,
I just receive you as a lyrical killer.

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