Saturday, 2 May 2009

Original Sin

White folk acting like they're absolved by the promotion of a senator.
As if 400 years of original sin can be wiped from your
Personality trait.
But wait.
May the Great Mystery provide protection
After such a momentous election.
But if my supermarket can sell Fairtrade tea,
By definition all other brands are exploiting. See
America is a bullet away from still being called racist,
And we British think our place is
A haven for multi-cultural recognition.
No....for  multi-culture... read assimilation.
Banks rescued with money we didn't know was there,
So how come for all these years there hasn't been any spare
To share among the world's pain and misery?
The future is still based on European history.
Remember a whole holocaust was born for the need of sugar in tea.
A continents blood stirred into a civilised drink so sweetly.
So when commentators speak on this momentous occasion
I'm still wary of mouths looking like mine... Caucasian.
Common said white folk care for dogs and yoga,
Which is why the President's choice of dog is high on the agenda
Of newspapers and reporters
Who oughta
Be writing about those still displaced
From Katrina, based on race.
Or the British and American pact
That won't allow Chagos Islanders back.
Instead the concrete of a runway supports military jets.
World strategy, or imperial conquest?
My pale now celebrate as if all wrongs are right,
Forgetting how few of us ever took up the fight.
As if the glass of justice suddenly filled to the brim.
Wrong, it's half empty, and its layers are thin.

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