Sunday, 3 May 2009

Love and Basketball

Make words, once written on paper, 
Kiss wood, pulps originator.
Words now stretched around composites,
Bounce lives to round positives.
Confused? I'm talking future ballin',
These written words are Baden, Molten and Spalding. 
Spinning inside caressing fingers on strong hands
Reaching from athletic woman and athletic man.
Potential that lay hidden
Grows from the essence of mental discipline
Of one.
You won
When you understood you had to respect yourself
Before giving love to everyone else.
When the game of Air and 23,
Inside a rectangle set you free.
Post codes representing home and away gyms,
Not reasons for beef and disrespecting.
Your own empowerment
Showed what power was meant 
To be as your shot release
Scored hope... and peace.

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