Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Call of Duty

Lord give me the guidance to see right from wrong.
Give me the wisdom to write of what must be undone.
Help me to understand that protest now
Seems alarmingly about how
Europeans fear capitalism is about to treat them,
When for years it’s been killing other millions.
Let us recognise this isn’t about saving our own kin
But ending a system that starves shades of darker skin.

May those who look like me
Ignore lies delivered by people they see
As looking like themselves.
Relating to stories they tell
Which are unfounded.
Please keep me grounded
When I become frustrated at tales of benefit cheats
Yet your Son loved the meek,
For let them inherit the earth
From tax haven funds of trillions more worth.

Let us reveal that the credit crunch
Has shown us every day is in fact White History Month,
As an unraveling system of economic oppression
Shows itself as colonialism by financial intervention.
May we remember that history is not a gone and forgotten,
But an evolution of the past into a rotten
Present and future. There is no line
Between now and yesteryear. Time
Is the fruit of what was sown.
Those who have, don’t want that known.

Lord, please give us the wisdom to see what is,
What was, and what should be. Let ignorant bliss
Fall, as Martin Luther King knew the score
Of white moderates being the greatest threat to the poor.
Blindly living a lie that beds them with the people
Who perpetrate the greatest forms of evil.
Help us to see that quality of life resides in the hearts
Still pumping because we choose life over the parts
Of smart phones that cause girls to be violated
For raw materials that see villages annihilated.

May we undo what the Bible and guns,
In white hands have done.
For our morality has been defined by our inventions,
Musket and sail allowed slavery through military intervention.
May the Good Book’s pages be turned so that we find
That you love those with strength who are humble and kind.
And show us that advancement comes not from the material.
But from the evolution of the human spirit. All
Wealth to be shared,
Food, shelter and welfare.
Our call of duty not for modern warfare.
Simply a world for all… Fair.

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