Saturday, 3 December 2011


Here’s to you.
When I’ve not trusted men friends
Cos they just want to dick you,
Liked R&B just to play you,
Letched at your sight before they hear you.

Here’s to you.
Beauty in so many forms.
My girl is the Queen of you
Cos she represents the best of all of you.
My love for womanity and all you do.

Here’s to you.
The essence of God’s humility.
Been there when I needed you.
I was birthed and nurtured by you.
Picked me up and let me trust you.

Here’s to you.
Your strength and compassion,
That wraps the gentleness of you.
The fierceness that protects those close to you.
The lioness that resides in all of you.

Here’s to you.
As a man I find you beautiful.
Eyes express the soul of you.
Lips talk the heart of you.
Body completes the mind of you.

Thanks to you.
I made it through hard times.
Fell in love with the best of you.
Was made whole by one of you.
Made a man by the female in you.

Dedicated to my partner, my daughters, my mother, my closest friends, the stronger half of the world's population, and to the Great Mystery in whatever form She may take.

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