Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Don't call it a cometh back

Haven’t written much lately…
But reading Anne LeDoes Politically,
And it lit the fuse.
You see I used
To rhyme
Every time
To make a point.
An MC who can’t rap to make his point,
So poetry gave me the get go
To be part of hip hop and I let go.
With influences from Chuck D
To the Roots, Nas and Kweli
(Not forgetting Guru…RIP).

Enough of the madness to my method,
I wanted to talk about St Paul’s siding with Herod.
A classic case in the news,
Of the Church not playing God’s tune.
Where are the Archbishops’ saying
They disapprove of capitalism’s slayings?
Don’t get me wrong I’m a Christian and I make mistakes.
I beg forgiveness for the times I don’t give, but take.
The problem I have is
The Church of England still has this
Sin yet to be forgiven.
Yeah I remember 2007.
When Rev’s wore t shirts with how sorry they were from the heart
Of the Church’s role in tearing Africa apart.
Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t about missionaries,
No this position still seems un-visionary.
The context of their shame
Was they felt they too were to blame
For enslaving people
When singing hymns to Him that said all were equal.
Well yeah… blame? When their plantation
Branded the skin of those to be known as Bajan
With the word SOCIETY on African backs.
Can’t imagine the searing pain of that.

But a white Church like white folk
Can look back and joke.
When you’re not affected, you know,
You can just claim it was all along time ago.
So if the C of E
Really wanted to please He,
Would they not stand on the steps of St Pauls
And cry out to banks and all
That to still rape women for Coltan
And dump toxic waste on Africans,
To tell the IPCC not just to get a life
But to fork pork to save lives.
Would they not say those things?
Or is His image wrapped in too much bling?

Lord forgive us, we know not what we do.
But I can’t trust these people to guide me to you.

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