Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Return from South Africa, a heavy heart, new friends, and stupid white people

Having arrived back in London, I'm left with deep intense thoughts about South Africa which I will blog about later. But I can't get over the feeling that every bit of white discussion on race, liberalism and where that goes.... it means nothing. It is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The ‪#‎feesmustfall‬ impetus showed me that white opinion is irrelevant. My opinion is irrelevant also. Unless white South Africa gives up its disproportionate wealth and land ownership, it will be taken from them. All the discussion of race and understanding is simply white noise. White = European, Black = African. Africans do not need or want any validation from Europeans, just like mine is a European blog...It doesn't matter. The only need is to eradicate racist poverty and policies. Europeans have the choice to give up wealth now and increase the opportunities of peaceful transition. If they don't, and I know they won't because of their greed, lack of empathy, and seeing themselves as superior to Africans... then change must come. And wealth MUST be TAKEN from them. I pray that's peaceful. I don't know how it can be.
Racism is of course global, and there are many parallels in oppression of the African Diaspora by Europeans around the world. The key point about South Africa is the wealth and land is with a minority population, and why the point is so important that the majority have the ability to act and take by force if so inclined to do so. I find it so incredible that there are so many frankly stupid white people in a country where they are a minority, that have no clue as to how to engage with African people, nor see how they have a desperate need to change their behaviours and actions.
I will blog more later. There is much to process. I met some incredible people, made beautiful friends, saw, heard and was told and asked things that resonated so deep that I never want to become numb to it, to force me into action. Thank you x

Some photos I took of the #feesmustfall student protest follow. I will write more when I've processed my experience.

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