Monday, 25 February 2013


You can either embrace difference
Or stereotype against it.
Love what’s not like you
Or profile and portray shit.
For me…
I’m descended from one mother
Who’s lack of melanin at the Black Sea
Failed to produce human’s natural eye colour…
And she’s descended from one of only two mothers
That crossed the Red Sea from the Mother Land where she was
You see her mother is the same sub-Saharan Queen
As ruled my partner’s king and queendoms,
And should we ever off spring ourselves,
Each lineage of our children still points back to one continent
Even though history is bent
On prising them apart.
For I am the one who is not the same.
Difference equals different from the norm
Which means I have coloured skin.
As all eyes are supposed to be brown,
It’s my difference that makes mine blue.
My different skin paled to absorb more Vitamin D
From a weakened northern sun,
But I am the son…
Of the same mother.

You just have to look back far enough
And see with brown, blue and green eyes,
The stories that happened in between,
And before,
The exodus.

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