Sunday, 24 June 2012

Ethnic Minority

You see I am the minority.
I’m one of the 1 billion
That make up the ethnic minority
Of whiteness.
I confess,
My Eurocentric world brought me up
With expectations that we run this shit,
Correction, that we are the shit.
And yet a further 6 billion
Know truths about my kind
That schools and media keep Caucasians blind.

We used God as a way to remind
Ourselves of our self imposed superiority,
When His words of humbleness
Were spread by those first to the arms race,
You see sail and musket defined our morality
And our ability to impose our version of “civility”.
That invention of a white Son of God
Yet the reality, Jesus was not one of my 1 billion peoples.
He was darker, preaching all are equal.

This same love for all things white
Being right,
Creating creams
To make queens
Think their skin tones
Need to be light years from their actual beauty.
But this shit is only about vitamin D.
Out of Africa we all came, it’s just
The 1 billion of us had to turn white in cold climates
To absorb more of the sun.
Inside, look back, we’re all African.

These same queens being made to skin out
For dance floor hits,
Cloning a@@, pu@@y and t@ts,
All on show and calling it hip hop,
Forgetting where the truth of that music came from,
Before gangsta’d, bastardised and rapped wrong,
Into a format that saw Caucasians buy more than any other race,
Then called it “urban” to keep the sterotypes in place.
Dumbed down enough great voices of colour,
Then the media proclaims another Great White soul singer.
Don’t get me wrong, I can recognise talent when I see it.
But that doesn’t mean I have to like this shit,
When I know for every white MOBO act that wins
- I can’t be party to the sins
That keep the hundreds of voices that sweeten me
Daily on this art scene,
Pushed out by the contagion of Simons dream.
Black X’ess.
It’s more than a scent, it something to be kept down.
Just like the Holocaust that started in 1562.
John Hawkins beginning a trade of an ethnic majority
That roots every part of today’s inequalities.

Let me breath in its righteousness.
So f@cked up that people want to be it.
Even Israel wants to be seen as European
And force Africans on trains to camps.
Damn, did they really forget what happened to them?
And the joke is, us of the 1 billion
Buy products to turn us brown
(well orange)
And photocrop swimsuit models to such dark tans
That in reality…
Shoulda just photographed a black girl in a bikini.

White laws govern the capitalist fantasy,
AKA “Free Trade”
That keeps raw materials in light ownership,
From the dark earth of a continent
That was scrambled into euro zones.
Let my cell phone pick at its bones
Of the dead, the raped and the limbless.
Congo dies while today’s big European news topic
Is 5p being charged on plastic bags for your shopping.
A nation that should be the richest on the planet
For the wealth that lies beneath the soil.
Instead ravaged by fear and turmoil.
Told we can’t do anything to stop it.
So reporting ceases.
The abuse increases.
Princesses who should grow to queens,
And choose who plants their future seed…
But the Coltan need decreed
That they, from violent intrusion, bleed,
As gun barrels, knifes and forced d@cks enter,
All to secure white riches and a euro future.

The only reason why the liberals among my 1 billion now shout,
That capitalism, after all, may not be what it’s all about…
Is because austerity came to bite their own asses.
In the past, they been raising glasses
To the toast of wealth.
You see, shits alright,…when shit happens to someone else.

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